Wednesday, 7 December 2011


·        The language art module is a culmination of the whole week’s lessons comprising listening and speaking, reading and writing.
·        It provides an opportunity for children to have fun and use the language to express themselves creatively.
·        Basically, it’s show time for pupils to produce creative works and to perform using their creative products.
·        Reciting nursery rhymes
·        Reciting poems
·        Jazz chanting
·        Sing
·        Role-play
·        Making booklets
·        Making simple puppets
·        Making masks
·        Playing language games



Subject                           : Bahasa Inggeris 

Class                              : 1 Tenteram

Focus                             : Reading

Theme                            : World of Stories

Topic                             : Rin and Ash

Learning Standards        : 2.1.1,  2.1.2(a)

Lesson Objectives          : By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
                                        (i) recognize and articulate the phoneme /ᴂ/.

Teaching and Learning   : 1. Make sounds of animals and pupils guess.
Activities                         2. Read the story, ‘Rin and Ash’ aloud. Pupils
                                           read after the teacher.
                                      3.  Point to the words with phoneme / ᴂ/, pupils
                                           say the words aloud.
                                      4.  Get one pupil to say a word aloud and another
                                           points to  the word.
                                      5. Pupils match word cards and picture cards.

Cross Curricular            : Multiple Intelligences – Verbal Linguistic

Teaching Aids                : big book, word cards, picture cards

Assessment                    : B1D3E1
                                        Teacher will be able to assess pupils to
                                        pronounce and articulate the phoneme / ᴂ/ when
                                        activity 3 and 4 are conducted.

Reflection                       : 95% of pupils were able to achieve the
                                        lesson objective. Three pupils are slow learners
                                        and they are being coached constantly.


Group Activity

Daily Lesson Plan

Focus                            : Language Arts
Theme                           :  World of Knowledge
Topic                             : Sounds of Animals     
Learning standards      : 4.1.1,  4.3.2

Lesson Objectives        : The students will be able to make the sounds of the animals and  do the actions based on the rhymes of "Old McDonald" in their group respectively.

Teaching & Learning Activities:
1. Divide pupils into groups.
2. Pick a leader in each group.
3. Teacher gives instructions to the groups’ leaders.
4. The leaders lead the group to practice the song.
5. Pupils practice for the performance.
6. Pupils perform the song with their own actions.

EMK: Creativity and MI

Teaching Aids: Laptop, song, text book

Assessment: Teacher observes pupils’ performance

Reflection: Learning objective achieved


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