Sunday, 23 October 2011


            Reading involves many complex skills and it can be an enjoyable “cracking of the code” which opens doors to knowledge, imagination and fun. One can help students “crack the code” by arousing their interest in the book or text before getting to the words themselves. A picture is worth a lot of words. At later stages, it is useful to have a clear reading purpose linked to whether we are asking students to predict, skim or scan.

            In reading based lessons it is not only arousing interest and the text itself which creates learning. The response we ask for will play an important part in determining the type of reading skills developed. There are so many more responses to explore other than comprehension questions, as you will discover in this section. One can ask students to draw, guess, match, reorder, sort or present; to name but a few ways in which we can integrate varied responses with the vital skill or reading.

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