Sunday, 23 October 2011


        It is vital in a learning new language to have enjoyable opportunities to communicate meaning through speech. Through speaking, students gain confidence, especially in a non-threatening climate in which they are able to play with sounds, to discover words and then to build meaning. Everywhere children enjoy and learn through chanting, playing with sound and discovering new words. You will find activities in this section to develop such a delight in speaking.
        Spoken communication requires confidence and it is suggested here that visual support, action games, songs and chants are important tools to build students’ confidence and enjoyment. The teacher has an important role as a model of bilingualism or multilingualism in an accepting classroom where students can explore speech. Within a classroom climate of accepting that speaking tasks are both fun and very worthwhile, one can enjoy pair work or group work and watch students develop. After all, fluency can only be gained by doing it.

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