Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Activity Of Listening

 A jazz chant in action

“Who did you see?”

Theme                  :  World of Self, Family and Friends                                  
Topic                    :  “Who Do You See”
Level                     :  Beginners / Lower Primary
Skills                     :  Listening
Learning Outcome : Practise of oral rhythm and stress.
                                          Introduce or review personal pronouns
                                         ‘I’, ‘you’ and object pronoun ‘me’
Resources             :  An appropriate library or reading corner book.
                                     A few small mirrors, ideally one per pair of students.
                                     A Jazz Chant prepared for projecting with the LCD
Warm Up             :
Story time. Read a short book to the class. Anything by Dr. Seuss or Joy Cowley  would  be great, something with lots of rhyme. Let the children enjoy the sounds tripping off your tongue. Get them to repeat part or all the story with you. The only objective is to have fun and let the children relax and interact with the text. Ask questions about what they think might happen next.

Steps : 1. Read the following jazz chant to your students, and try to use two different voices.
              2. Allow children to see the text and read it silently.
              3. Read through chant getting the students to repeat each line after you. You would do
                  well to break the class into two to practice the two different parts with one side of the class taking on one role each and chanting in unison. Reverse parts and repeat.

“Who Can You See?”
                    Who can you see?
                    I can see me.
                    Who can you see?
                    I can see me.
                    You can See who?
                    I can see me!
                    You can see you?
                    Yes, I can see me?
                    Are you crazy?
                    No, I’m not crazy!
                    I can see me!
                    Tell me now!
                    I want to know how!
                    How do you do it?
                                                                                How do I do it?
                    Yes, how do you do it?
                                                                                I look at this here.
                    You look at what, where?
                                                                                This here mirror!
                                                                                Yes a mirror!
                                                                                I can see me,
                                                                                And I can see you.
                                                                                Turn the mirror
                                                                                Is all I have to do.

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