Thursday, 24 November 2011

Activity of Reading

The Reading Zoo

Theme                       :           The World of Knowledge
Topic                          :           Animals                                                              
Level                          :           Primary
Skills                          :           Reading
Learning Outcome      :          Read aloud words in lists and pictures
                                               Match phrases to pictures
Resources                 :           Cut-up picture cards
                                               Instructions cards
                                               Manila cards and envelopes
                                               Marker pens
Warm up                    :
For about three minutes, the students have to guess the sound of animals made by the teacher and name them in English.
Steps                          :
1. The teacher introduces some new words, for example, ‘fins’, ‘crawls’, ‘glides’, ‘beak’,
    ‘swims’, ‘flies’, ‘wings’, ‘legs’, ‘jumps’, ‘frog’ by writing them on the board. Teacher 
     asks the students to read them aloud. This should take about five minutes.
2. The teacher gives out the letter cards, for example, ‘E’ for elephant, ‘C’ for crocodile,
   ‘B’ for bird, ‘F’ for fish, ‘S’ for snake and ‘M’ for monkey. One for each student and then 
   divides the class into six groups of six students, according to the letter cards they each 
    have. The student and the teacher rearrange the desks, if necessary, for group activities. 
    This should take about five minutes.
3. For about 30 minutes the students complete Group Tasks. Each group is given 
   a large envelope that contains a cut-up picture of an animal, glue, and a manila card. 
   They also receive a task card of instructions. The students read the instructions to 
    rearrange the cards, paste them on the manila card and find out what animal is in the 
    picture. From the reassembled picture, they have to answer the given question,
   For example, ‘A __________ lives in the pond. It has __________.
                           It cans __________. It eats __________.’
4. The next ten minutes are given to Group Presentations when the teacher asks each 
    group to show their work on the board. Two of the students from each group present 
    their work in front of the class. The teacher asks them to tell about other features
   of their animal.
5. To end the session and for about seven minutes or however much time is left, the 
     students are each given a worksheet. They are asked to do their own enrichment
     activities, on their own, while the teacher circulates and discusses the question with 
     each of the groups.
 Example of Worksheet for this topic:

This is a __________. It lives in a __________.
It likes to eat __________. It can __________.              


This is a __________. It __________.
It likes to eat __________.


These are __________. They can __________.
They like to eat __________.

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