Sunday, 27 November 2011

Interesting Facts : Drums & Cymbals

Drum signals 
Tribal cultures used drum sounds to signal different
occurrences of events. Changes in the tempo or the
beat of a drum would mean different things at different times.
Drums might be used to call people together for a meeting,
a feast, or a festival. Other drumbeats might be used to warn people of danger, or announce a death or a birth.
Drums were also used to guide hunters to good hunting grounds.

The sound of cymbals

Cymbals are musical instruments. You hit these instruments together to make a sound. In 1623, Avedis Zildijan, an American alchemist in the city of Constantinople, found a new metal alloy with unique sound qualities. This made his cymbals more durable and better sounding than the others. The secret blend of Zildijan's celebrated cymbals remains the same today as it did centuries ago.



Music from the heart
People use various musical instrument to make music and to express themselves; what they are feeling, thinking or concerned about. Pop stars and music artists such as Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys play musical instrument in their music and during performances.

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