Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Activity Of Speaking

Drawing Out the Artist in Groups
Theme                         :         World of Story and Knowledge
Topic                           :           Animals and characters
Level                           :           Primary
Skills                           :          Speaking
Learning Outcome    :           Working as a team to listen 
                                            to, speak and write English
Resources                 :           Mahjong paper, pens, and Blu tack
Warm up                    :
~ Revise the vocabulary for the parts of the animal or figure you will ask the students to draw. 
   Do this as a whole class activity on the board. Leave the vocabulary on the board while the
   students complete this activity.
~ Remind students of class rules and expectations while working in groups, for example, work 
   quietly, everybody contributes, respect each other’s ideas.
Steps                          :
1.  Explain to student that they will be working in groups of four to draw a picture of an animal or 
     figure, for example, a cow, a tiger, an old house or a character from a story. Everyone must
     draw a part of the animal or figure.
2. Divide the class into mixed ability groups of four students.
3. Tell the students each person in group must have a job, for example, someone to collect the 
     pen or marker and paper from teacher, someone to ensure the group speaks in English,  
    someone to check everyone’s name is next to the part she or he drew and someone to bring 
    the drawing to front to display to the class and talk about the drawing.
4. Give the students time to collect roles.
5. Tell the student they are now going to draw an animal or figure and that it must be big and the
   drawing must take up most oh the paper. The drawing should include, for example for an
   animal, head, body, tail, and legs.
6. Give the students time to allocate roles.
7. Invite each group to have someone bring their drawing to the front of the class to share it.
8. Display the students work on classroom walls.

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